Corporate Boxes

Looking for a custom Christmas experience for your employees? 

iNi can help you create a great virtual experience for your employees during this time of physical distancing.   Reach out with the link at the bottom of the page.  

Build a Great Company Culture with iNiBOXES

Culture is a leading factor in the success of businesses. Gift your team with a custom experience designed to influence the culture by opening the lines of understanding and communication within your team

Team Connection

Send boxes to your team to mix it up and boost morale.  

Customer Engagement

Stay top of mind with your customers and show appreciation with a unique curated box.

NGO Fundraisers

Create a unique and profitable out-of-the-box fundraising experience during these times of social distancing.

Party-In-a-Box This is 

 This box is a great option for physically distanced festivities at Christmas or other corporate events.

Case study: Opportunity International Canada Virtual Insight Trip

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Top Ways an iNiBOX Event Will Improve Your Business

Tailor-made for Your Company

You’ve heard that every company has a culture, whether you know what it is or not. We’ll consult with you to create a high-touch custom box that will help develop trust and positive culture in your organization.

No More Awkward Happy-hours

This curated experience is fully guided, so there is never a lull that turns into awkward silences. You’ll notice true engagement and excitement as you create memories with your team.

Bring a Real-Life Aspect Back into Your Culture

Overcome Zoom fatigue and build true connections with our unique approach that includes mental, emotional and sensory aspects to light up reward centres and create tangible experiences and memories.

Show Your Investment in Your Team and Their Happiness

Online meetings have created a very transactional culture in many companies due to fewer informal and emotion-based touchpoints. A gift that arrives to your team’s homes is the equivalent of a pat on the back for a job well done.

Let’s talk company culture!

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