About Us

iNi exists to cultivate connection one box at a time.  Each box is its own experience you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.  What makes these boxes so unique is not only do you receive a beautifully and thoughtfully curated box filled with all you need to enjoy the adventure, you will also receive a link to video instruction, guiding you through the whole journey as you create lasting memories.


Why is the name iNi? 


Besides loving the idea of items being ‘iNi’ your box, the word ini is a Creole word meaning unite.  As one of my incredible children joined our family from Haiti, this name is all the more meaningful, and our hope is that each product we create lays the framework for you to feel more united. 


About the Founder and CEO:


Kim Buller is so excited to realize a long-time dream of creating her own business that combines 2 of her core values: creativity and connection. Kim has been a teacher, marketing consultant, director for an NGO, and most importantly, mom to four amazing children.  She will celebrate 25 years of marriage in December of 2020 to her love, Stephen.  Candles, coffee, friends and games are a few of her favorite things.